Surf Life in Sonoma County

  • Learning to Surf

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           Summer is here, and folks are starting to head out to our coastline.  This time of year inevitably brings about the desire to learn to surf!  Whether it’s the heat off the sand, or just watching guys and gals laughing and ripping it up out there on the water, some are drawn to the ocean and the fun to be had riding waves.  Learning to surf is not a quick and easy process, but if you have the motivation and persistence to stick it out, surfing can be one of the most fun and rewarding experiences.  As...

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  • Our History

    Our History


    A surf shop is a shop about surf. The surf shop is where you go to find out what’s up. Is that sand bar still pumping? Seen Whitey lately? What board is happening now and who shaped it? A surf shop has to have foam dust around somewhere. Origins are important. You know the guy who shaped your stick and who sells you wax. You will find out from him what is happening in the water. Maybe your last board is in the used rack waiting to be ridden again. This is where you go when there’s no surf. The surf shop....

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  • Sonoma County Dog Friendly Beaches

    Sonoma County Dog Friendly Beaches

         The Sonoma Coast is lined with a beautiful mix of rugged and long sandy beaches, but not all of them are open to sharing a stroll with your pup.  The recent rains have kept us cooped up a bit longer than most of us like and now we’re antsy to get out and enjoy the beauty of these sunshiny days.  Our dogs more than anything need to be able to run and play and enjoy some outdoor beach time!  Here is the list of my favorite spots to get out and make your dogs day!       Dillon...

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  • Learn the Art of Surfboard Ding Repair

    Learn the Art of Surfboard Ding Repair

    Alright, alright, it's February and maybe some of you came up with a few resolutions at the beginning of the year.  Maybe some of you are actually sticking to them, or maybe you are like me, and don't even bother to fool yourself into thinking you're really gonna change your ways!  Whatever the case may be, if you are a surfer I hope you will consider, not nesesarily a resolution to do your own Ding Repair, but ding repair as a fun new thing to learn!   Surfboard ding repairs are not as hard as you think and can save you time without...

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  • Tide Pooling this Week

    Tide Pooling this Week

    During the Holiday season many of us have friends and family come in from out of town.  There's so much to do here in Sonoma County it's hard to choose ways to entertain guests, but tide pooling is always high on my list!  This year we've got some ideal tides for getting out there and enjoying the pools along our coastline.        Low tides, corresponding with the right timing, don't always match up, but this year we've got some days that do.  Tide pooling is best when the tide is at 1.5' or less and of course you want that...

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    It's finally that time of year..... surf season!  That special time when you pull on your hoodie and a beanie and take that drive out to the coast.  Perfect swell size and direction, light off shore winds, tide is right and the sun is shining, let's go!!!  It's our time!  Powdered doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast, Ride the Lightning blaring out of the speakers, let's see what the Sonoma coast has for us today!  That was the 90's for many of us, and not a lot has changed.  Driving what locals call the 'Sonoma Coast 5000' might end in...

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