Tide Pooling this Week

Tide Pooling this Week

During the Holiday season many of us have friends and family come in from out of town.  There's so much to do here in Sonoma County it's hard to choose ways to entertain guests, but tide pooling is always high on my list!  This year we've got some ideal tides for getting out there and enjoying the pools along our coastline.
Low tides, corresponding with the right timing, don't always match up, but this year we've got some days that do.  Tide pooling is best when the tide is at 1.5' or less and of course you want that tide to land during daylight hours!  The best days for getting out there around the holidays this year will be Monday December 13th, 2021 through Friday the 17th.  The next best group of days are Tuesday the 28th, 2021 through January 1st, 2022


Mon 13th
Tue 14th
Wed 15th
Thur 16th






Tue 28th
Wed 29th
Thur 30th
Fri 31st
Sat 1st

When planning your outing be sure to arrive at least 1 hour before the low tide, that will give you the most time to check out all the wonderful creatures that call this little ecosystem home.
        The plants and animals that live along our coastline and occupy these tidepools have adapted well to thrive in this middle intertidal zone.  They rely on each other for food and shelter and watching them interact is a real treat.  Visitors may see many different plants and animals, including Hermit Crabs and Shore Crabs, Starfish, Anemones, Chiton, Limpets, Mussels, Barnacles, Urchins, Sculpin, Sea Cucumbers, Sea Lettuce, Rock Weed, Rock Fish and if you're amazingly lucky an octopus!  Please keep in mind these animals, as well as their home, are fragile and should be watched and appreciated, take only pictures so that everyone can enjoy them for years to come.  

The Sonoma Coast has many great beaches that offer protected rocky areas ideal for pooling.  Salt Point, Schoolhouse Beach, Portuguese Beach, Dillon Beach on the North end, Pinnacle Gulch, and Shell Beach are some of the best.  Be sure to dress appropriately in sturdy shoes and layers, as the weather on our coastline changes by the minute!  Pack a full set of dry clothes in case you get wet and be sure to always keep one eye on the ocean at all times, it can be sneaky!!  If you forget, we'll see you at the shop for a new outfit! 😎 
~ Sarah
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