It's finally that time of year..... surf season!  That special time when you pull on your hoodie and a beanie and take that drive out to the coast.  Perfect swell size and direction, light off shore winds, tide is right and the sun is shining, let's go!!!  It's our time! 
Powdered doughnuts and chocolate milk for breakfast, Ride the Lightning blaring out of the speakers, let's see what the Sonoma coast has for us today!  That was the 90's for many of us, and not a lot has changed.  Driving what locals call the 'Sonoma Coast 5000' might end in a day hanging on the cliff with the rest of the lot lizards, or it might get you suited up and out in the water for a great time.  Surfing for us has always been about enjoying the ocean and having fun with your fellow watermen.  Surf communities are a notoriously tight jovial group who love the outdoors, talking stories, laughing together and sharing beers.  The Sonoma Coast surf community is no different.  The water here is cold, and often the waves are best when the weather is at its worst.  It can take a team to get everyone motivated into their suits and out into the lineup on those wet frigid mornings.   We're  grateful to have each other and see friendly faces surfing around us, surf season is here and we ask for visitors to respect the locals but know that they are welcome in our lineups.  The Sonoma Coast surf breaks are fickle, rugged and cold, and if you're up for the drive and the search, you will find a diamond in the rough.  
Sarah Molica
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Love the blog! And the Sonoma coast is truly an epic experience; even for someone like me from neighboring Mendocino. Though I don’t get down there as often as I used to, from time to time I just have to head south.

Keep up the good work!

Btw, the shop is core. Its how every surf shop should be!


I love this!!! The page looks amazing!!! Putt’n that order in baby!!! Love you, Raya

ria j eaddy

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