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Our water Temperature ranges between 46°F and 56°F but sits most consistently around 52° so a 5/4mm hooded suit is the best bet.  But we do carry non hooded suits for those who are casually beach goers or just can’t stand the restriction.

Here’s our line up of suits:

RIPCURL Flashbomb 5/4mm Hooded- available in men’s and women’s sizes.

RIPCURL E-Bomb 5.5/4.5mm Hooded-men’s sizes only.

RIPCURL DawnPatrol 5/3mm Backzip- (the go-to non hooded suit) available in men’s and women’s sizes.

RIPCURL Youth DawnPatrol 4/3mm Backzip- youth sizes 6-16.

PATAGONIA R4 5/4mm Hooded- men’s sizes available in store, women’s are a special order.

MATUSE TUMO 5/4mm Hooded- men’s sizes only.

All suits are available at storefront in Bodega, for online inquires email: